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Isabel Andrada Velázquez

Tax Advisor

Practice areas

Tax Law

| Professional Background

She began her professional career working at accounting and tax consultancies, only to subsequently work in professional offices specializing in tax matters. 

At Actio Summa, she provides tax advising services to companies from different fields and sectors on a recurring basis and, in particular, she works in matters of personal income tax and wealth tax, inheritance and gift tax, and indirect taxation – advising and representing taxpayers in various tax proceedings (tax penalties, tax collection, tax verification, and appeals and claims against decisions made by tax authorities). 

| Training

  • Degree in Law from the University of Valladolid. 
  • University-Specific Specialist Postgraduate Course in Business Taxation at the University of Valladolid. 
  • Studies in Economics at the University of Valladolid (several courses). 

| Languages

Spanish – English.


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