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Labor Law


The strategic management of a company’s human capital is key to the sustainability of the business. People are at the center of business activity and, therefore, it is necessary to adequately respond to conflicts that arise in labor relations, all the while adjusting to regulatory framework.

At Actio Summa, we offer specialized advising services to SMEs and large companies to help with the daily management of human resources as well as in-court and out-of-court actions in more complex conflicts.

  • Recurring labor advising services: hiring, senior management, substantial modifications, penalties, dismissals, etc.
  • Execution of workforce adjustment plans/layoffs, whether definitive termination or temporary suspension of contracts.
  • Strategic advising in the resolution of complex conflicts.
  • Collective bargaining and equality plans.


We advise workers in their conflicts with companies and with Social Security (permanent disability, retirement, etc.).

We help managers in negotiating their working conditions and provide advising services related with the scope of the obligations contracted with the company.

  • Claims against dismissal and penalties.
  • Claims for payment and recognition of all types of rights.
  • Permanent disability.
  • Claims for accidents at work.

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We are established in Castilla y León, providing comprehensive coverage to all types of companies.

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