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Commercial Law

Multiple contractual relationships with great legal significance inevitably crop up around a company. A company’s daily management and all strategic decisions must comply with strict commercial regulations in order to avoid legal risks.

At Actio Summa, we accompany our clients through their daily business. We provide honest and solid commercial advising services, both in terms of recurring business activity and in terms of specific transactions that require a high degree of knowledge and specialization.

We are sensitive to and aware of the problems that companies –depending on their sector, size, and shareholding composition– may have, offering our clients solutions that are specific to each individual case.

  • Recurring advising services.
  • Advising for corporate/equity restructuring transactions.
  • Advising for mergers and the purchase/sale of companies.
  • Advising for the drafting and negotiation of complex contracts, partner agreements, and family-owned business agreements.
  • Advising for corporate and project financing transactions.
  • Advising for the governing bodies of companies involved in adopting corporate agreements and the performance of board secretary functions.
  • Advising on generational change processes, succession planning, and professionalization of governing bodies.
  • Advising for internationalization through distribution networks, agencies, franchises, joint ventures, strategic alliances, subsidiaries/branches, etc.

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We are established in Castilla y León, providing comprehensive coverage to all types of companies.

Commitment and global vision in the face of the most complex challenges.

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